Bali Information

Foreword on Bali
Bali Island lies in the Southern Indonesia and is one of Indian Ocean’s Sunda Islands.  It is surrounded by the Bali strait on the west and the Lombok straight on the east and is 145 km long and 80 kilometers wide.  The Singaraja port city on the North and Denpasar the capital city are the major cities on the island of Bali. There is an east- west mountain range with Mount Agung an active volcano last erupted in 1963, having an elevation of 3,142 meters and is the highest point on the island. The southern part of the island is made of alluvial plans and irrigated by small rivers that get flooded in the rainy season.

Bali happens to be one of the most significant islands in Indonesia where rice is grown on terraced paddies and sugarcane, coffee, tobacco, copra, vegetables and fruits are also grown. The hog and cattle can also be seen here and the Balinese are Uluwatu Baligood in wood carving and they make art works out of tortoise shell, silver, gold and other metals. Many dance forms are available here and the women are engaged in making cloths of gold and silver threads and embroidering silk and cotton clothing. They practice a form of Hinduism rich in rites and customs from Polynesia.

The Dutch people first visited the Island in 1597 but they could form a Government only in 1908. After the Japanese occupation during the second World War, Bali was annexed to the newly formed state of East Indonesia and became a part of Indonesia in 1948, and now it is a part of the unified republic of Indonesia.
Bali is small but not limited in terms of attractions and wonders of nature, like the Kuta and Seminyak beaches, the art world of Ubud, Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran are some of the more famous beach towns in Bali.  When you are in Bali you will see that you are in one of the most tourist friendly places in Indonesia and you can enjoy many pleasures specially created for your body and mind together with making your holidays the best ever and remember for a life time. You can indulge in luxuries and styles that are at their best in this island heaven near the mighty Indian Ocean. Spas, massages, white sand beach visits, boutique shopping, excellent foods and drinks, to the epic and gorgeous sunsets are some of the attractions that will make Bali special in each and every way.

Bali has an area of 5, 623 Sq. km and a population of 3,891,428 (2010 census).  Bali lies just 8 degrees south of the Equator hence it is blessed with a tropical climate that is mostly hot throughout the year. The average temperature reaches 29 degress C; the heat may be harsh with extreme humidity and very hot afternoons. The dry season is from April to October and wet one extends from October to March and rains can be there at any time of the year.

In general the best period to visit Bali is the April to September when the rain showers and humidity are far less. Even within the island you can see varying climatic conditions, around the coast the land is cooler with sea breeze with an inland cooling effect due to rise in elevation. But when you are in some of the mountainous villages such as Kintamani and Candi Kuning – Bedugul they may become colder during the daytime itself, while the northern slopes are basically hazy and damp. The East coast of the Bali island is mostly dry and sunny and as such you need not have to go for your air conditioner during most part of the year, and you can get cool breeze during evenings.

Bali Agung MountainThe dry season in Bali extends from April to October with the cold period of May to July and during this period you have average temperatures running 28 Degrees. Basically the rainy season is from November and March and you can expect unexpected heavy rainfall. The holiday season starts in the month of July with Americans and Europeans visiting Bali during July and August and December and January are the months when you get more Australians visiting Bali.

Restaurant & Nightlife
In Bali there is no shortage of good restaurants that deliver good quality food at reasonable costs and the Kuta area is the best place for getting the cuisine of different regions of the world including Italian, Seafood, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Asian, local Indonesian as well as western fast food items. Popular Seminyak is yet another area for good food and excellent drinks and you can see some of the most famous restaurants like La Lucciola on the beach, Ultimo, Rumours and Passargard in Dhyanapura Street.
Bali is well-known for its exciting night life for different tastes and you can go on a happy tour when you are in Bali to enjoy some of the best of restaurants and bars that are waiting to give you the type of Beach party Balienjoyment during the night time with the motto the later the better. The Kuta, Legian and Seminyak neighbourhoods are awake 24 hours of the day.

The Jalan Dyana Pura in Seminyak is the place for party lovers and you can find all types of bars and among them, Santa-Fé, the Café Del Mar and the trendy clubs are often visited and loved by tourists but also by locals. For all night fun and partying the Bounty Club on Legian main street, is the place with techno and trance music till dawn.
Narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited in Indonesia and if found using them you can be jailed and even punished to death. Hence avoid dealing with street drug peddlers as they often co- operate well with police and you may get arrested and jailed for a long time with heavy fines.

Balinese follow the Agama Hindu Dharma, which has its basics on the ritualistic ways to please the God and ancestors, demons, stages of human growth, the dead people and the ritualization of the priests. It involves offering food and flowers made in palm leafs. The priests perform many rituals before they are offered and although they believe in one God they pray to this God having different forms such as Brahma, Siva and Vishnu.

bali hindu man prayingThe Balinese New Year starts on the Nyepi Day and this day is observed as a day of silence to make the evil spirits believe that there is actually not a soul in Bali and will therefore go to and haunt other places. The community security guards (Pecalang) and police are vigilant and take immediate action and you are made to always abide by the rules.
On the Nyepi day the airport is closed and you cannot find anybody on the streets and during the night the lights and sound are reduced to a minimum and the tourists are also expected to follow this, though some activities may be allowed in some of the hotels. Bali is the only place on the planet where the day of silence is celebrated and many tourist purposely book their holiday during this time in order to experience and be part of this unique event. This day changes every year as the Balinese people follow the lunar months and March 12th is the Nyepi day for the year 2013.