Villa Casa Mateo Awesome Rental for Your Bali Getaway


Looking for a great villa for rent in Bali? A place that can complete your exciting family getaway?

Bali is one of the most famous holiday destinations that everyone loves to experience. Its beauty and natural glam can simply captivate every traveler and will surely be a big surprise for people who will visit for the first time.

However, an extraordinary Bali getaway will not be complete without the best villa rental to stay in. It is true that there are plenty of hotels and villas that offer luxurious accommodations and top-notch services however finding the best among these villas is a must.

Bali Villa Casa Mateo for rent is one of the ideal places for tourists. It is a villa in its finest and wondrous beauty in the midst of Bali’s magical nature and fascinating cultures.

Villa Casa Mateo is stunning with its traditional materials and clean style. It was designed to offer world-class experience and an accommodation to cherish by their every guest.

Villa Location
Villa Casa Mateo is located near Bali’s beautiful spots including spectacular white sand beaches, fashion boutiques and stores, gourmet restaurants and lively bars. It is also 15 minutes drive from the airport of Seminyak, a fashionable and modern neighbor of Legian.

Villa Rooms
Bali villa Casa Mateo for rentBali Villa Casa Mateo for rent has 5 large and luxurious bedrooms. The main villa has 3 bedrooms including 1 master’s bedroom in the first floor and two twin bedrooms on the second floor.

In the adjacent pavilion, there are two bedrooms including one with king sized bed and another one with twin beds. Every room provides a magnificent view of Bali’s wonder and nature.

All of these 5 rooms offer exceptional comfort and first-rate room amenities. Each room is equipped with air-conditioning and striking outdoor bathrooms.

Villa Dining
Bali Villa Casa Mateo for rent offers superb and excellent food selection. Their Chef simply knows everyone’s taste and can bring the best in every food. They have an excellent menu both for western and eastern delights.

They also have complimentary breakfast that will be served on the time required by the guests.

Another great thing about this fantastic villa is that their guests can make a special request in regards to the foods they want to have. In answer to any request, the staff gives their best to provide matchless service especially on food menus that will make every one feeling special.

Villa Massage and Spa
Villa Casa Mateo can provide you with a rejuvenating and relaxing massage and spa. They have experienced and trained therapists that are most willing to give a soothing and refreshing experience using natural products that can lessen stress and worries.

They will also give you an option to choose between a male and female masseuse.

Villa Staff
The villa has professional and polite staff that was trained to offer you with a personalized service. Their staff can guarantee a clean and refreshing aura in the villa and they also make sure that everything is organized and convenient for their guests.

In addition, Villa Casa Mateo has a large private pool that can provide fun and a perfect place for family bonding.

Aside from complete and luxurious amenities, Villa Casa Mateo can certainly complete your Bali vacation and can offer serenity and calmness that you haven’t experienced before. So why not choose the villa if you’re planning to rent one in Bali? Have Fun!

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