Jimbaran Bay Beach in Bali Indonesia


Bali has become one of the most popular vacation spots whether you come from Europe, United States, Asia Pacific or Australia.  Jimbaran Bay in Bali offers an amazing experience for every guest.  Located south of the Kuta Beach area in Bali, Jimbaran Bay is quickly becoming a hot vacation destination.

Over the last couple of years, Jimbaran Bay has become home to several popular luxury hotels.  While they are thriving there is still plenty of room for you to come enjoy a beautiful peaceful vacation.

Jimbaran Sunsets
Breathtaking sunsets are the norm in Jimbaran Bay.  The clear clean air gives Jimbaran Bay the ability to show off the magnificent sunset color show all year long.

Imagine strolling along the pristine white sandy beach or sitting at one of the shore bars or restaurants sipping your favorite beverage and being enveloped in a most spectacular sunset.  Can you feel the romance?

jimbaran bay seafoodJimbaran Bay Restaurants

In Jimbaran Bay you will be treated to the most delicious and fresh seafood dishes anywhere. Fishermen supply hotels and restaurants with their catch of the day and world renowned chefs prepare it for your pleasure. There are many restaurants in Jimbaran Bay that are of five-star quality, guaranteeing that you will be pampered through your entire stay.

You can enjoy fine and exquisite food at the many local restaurants.  It is well worth the adventure.

Jimbaran Bay Private Villas, Bali
Jimbaran Bay’s number one asset is nature itself.  The calming tranquility of a sea breeze caressing your sun kissed skin is one of the reasons people are drawn to this part of Bali.

What better way to experience this than in a private villa?

This area in Bali offers private villas that you can rent by the week or even the month.  A private sea side villa is a luxury that every traveler should experience at least one in a lifetime.  They offer different amenities like swimming pools or sea views, some offer both.  But the best amenity is they are budget friendly.

There are agencies that specialize in booking villas in Bali but you should look for an agent that also offers villa rentals in Jimbaran. These agencies can offer you accommodations that prove to add more value to the price you pay. They know their locality much better than you do so they accommodate your requirements and budget. Do visit our homepage to search for a suitable villa for rent in Jimbaran.

Go to Jimbaran Bay when you visit Bali.  Once you experience Jimbaran Bay and all it has to offer you won’t be able to resist going back for more.

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