Do Russian tourists In Bali prefer luxury Accommodations


Why Not Stay in one of Bali’s Villas?

It is very common that most travelers choose hotels while staying in a certain place. However, Russians have their own preferences when it comes to accommodations.

Bali is visited by different people from different country. Its beautiful nature and diverse culture continue to amaze people from all over the globe. However, aside from white sand beaches and spectacular views, many people also love top-notch villas in Bali.

Many Russian tourists in Bali prefer a luxury rental and everyone who already stayed in such a place can tell why.

Why Villas in Bali are better
Bali is not only rich by nature and culture; they also have beautiful and luxurious villas to be proud of. These villas offer accommodations like no other and comfort that even 5 star hotels cannot top.

Most villas in Bali can offer serenity and calmness with magnificent oceans and a great deep look of sunrise and sunset. These alone are enough reasons why many Russian tourists in Bali prefer luxury villas to rent.

However, aside from what nature has to offer, homes for rent can provide a house to every traveler. Their guests will feel at home and will have the whole place all by themselves.Holiday villa rental

Basically, one great distinction of villas from hotels is it can provide privacy and peace like a real home can give. This is one key point why Russians love to stay in villas while enjoying the wonderful things in Bali.

Different accommodation rents in Bali
In a place like Bali, there are plenty of villas to choose from. All of these rents will surely be a hit to many Russians who love to stay in such a haven. Here are some recommendations providing properties everyone should stay in when in Bali:

Dea Villas
This is a 16 bedroom villa with a touch of both traditional architecture as well as modern and creative designs thus making the entire place refreshing and relaxing. Dea Villas is popular in giving exemplary service and has amenities that can make every stay worthwhile. The rooms are large and have complete facilities that provide luxury and comfort.

Villa C2 Seminyak
This is a villa known to be a delightful tropical retreat that has excellent services and facilities to offer. Villa C2 has unique and charming rooms that everyone will surely love especially the combination of colors and designs. The place of course has a pool and also provides relaxing spa treatments. However, to top it all, their dining experience is superb and can certainly give every traveler a different look on their delightful foods and beverages.

Villa Asta
This is another great place to stay while in Bali. Villa Asta has an unique style and its decorations have been subject to Balinese Style with a mix of modern touch and comfort. The holiday home offers top-notch accommodation and first-rate facilities that will satisfy even a discerning traveler. They also provide one of the best dining experiences and other excellent services.

All these villas can tell us why many Russian tourists in Bali prefer luxury villa rental. They simply have unique features and facilities that are hard to match. So what do you think? Isn’t a villa is the perfect place to stay while in Bali? Enjoy!

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